«Adopt-a-Family» project participants celebrated Easter together!

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The Syrian-Armenian families and the volunteers involved in the “Adopt-a-Family” project together with KASA and UNHCR staff have celebrated one of the most important Christian holidays, Easter!!!

The event took place in the house of our Syrian-Armenian volunteer, who hosted 55 people under one roof. During the event newly arrived Syrian-Armenians and local population had an opportunity to communicate with each other in the informal and family environment.

It is worth mentioning that the Syrian-Armenian families together with their volunteers prepared different Easter dishes and sweets which they used to cook in Syria. During the event the participants also sang Armenian folk songs and danced traditional dances. Thus, they relived the Armenian traditions connected with the Easter.

Thanks to this event the Syrian-Armenian families forgot for a while about their problems and difficulties, and had a day full of joy and memorable moments. And for that we are very thankful, first of all, to them and our committed volunteers who were the initiators of this event.

 “Adopt-a-Family” project aims at providing help and guidance to newly arrived refugee and asylum-seeker families, as well as families displaced from Syria because of the conflict. These families are assisted by local very committed and active volunteers in order to promote their integration through regular interaction: guiding them with practical advice, emergency assistance and response to general queries, organizing sightseeing, cultural and social activities. The project is implemented by “KASA” Swiss Humanitarian Foundation with funding from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).